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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet the Husband

The Husband says no one is interested in learning about my family, but I'd like to introduce them. After all, I am the Librarian @ Home, so it makes sense that readers might want to learn a little about who I live with. If you're not interested, I guess you can always skip this post...

The Husband is my college sweetheart. I'm not sure if I can really call him that, because we didn't start dating until our last year of college, but I like to call him that (probably because I never had a high school sweetheart).

The Husband and me, December 31, 2000
When I first met the Husband he had a girlfriend, and he was a skinny, vegan indie rocker. He also thought I was a snob, but I wasn't really. I was pining over some fool who broke my heart and didn't want to waste my time getting to know some random new dude, especially one who was unavailable.

During the next year the Husband dropped both the girlfriend and the vegan lifestyle. (There were always donuts for sale in the music school, and he could only resist the temptation for so long). I ran into him every once in a while and eventually started thinking I'd kinda like to date that boy.

One fall morning I was at Starbucks, studying at a window table, but I had taken a break to make a list of places I could move after college graduation. It looked something like this:

San Francisco

I was probably staring out the window in a daze, dreaming about my future, when the Husband walked by with a group of friends. We exchanged a wave through the glass, and then he came in to talk to me while his friends ordered coffee. (The Husband has never been a coffee drinker and despite my efforts to convert him, he will probably never become one).

I showed him my list of potential cities, emphasizing Louisville, because I knew he was from New Albany and I thought he’d be impressed. (New Albany, Indiana is right across the Ohio River from Louisville).

This Starbucks encounter was one of the most foretelling events of my life, because less than a year later, we moved to Louisville together. (Wow!)

I married the Husband in 2003. I love him for many reasons, but the one I will share with you now is his sense of humor. If I am cracking up, it is usually because of something he said. It is very possible that in a few months you will be reading this blog, cracking up, not because of something I said, but because I am writing about something he said.

The Husband is a classically trained musician. He switched his major to music the night before he started his sophomore year as a transfer student (a decision that tormented his parents!). When he was 25, he had a “quarter century crisis” and decided to go to law school, so now he is a smarty-pants attorney. I get lawyered every time we fight and often resort to this line of defense: What you’re saying is wrong. I don’t know why it’s wrong, but it is! Believe me, this is a lame defense, but sometimes it works.


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  1. My husband won't drink coffee, either. I am still working on teaching him to at least make it for me.